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Is TikTok For Businesses? That Depends!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The newer social network has divided people into two categories: admirers and haters.

Most consider the platform to be a mecca for teenagers.

Which up until recently was the case. However, the ever-growing number of users has many advertisers/business owners seriously think about promoting products and brands there. Indeed, in terms of the number of downloads, TikTok has overtaken even Instagram and YouTube. But should you be promoting your business on this social network, given its origin and data concerns?

Who makes money on TikTok?

Let's break it down. Influencers, bloggers, as well as companies who have a younger target audience. Primarily that's who we see profiting most from the platform. Although there are the or a products/services that gets lucky enough to trend. For example, LED light strips have seen a large boost in sales over the trending videos of the cloud ceiling many have made throughout this pandemic. That's just one example of many.


One strategy to utilize is to team up with influencers on the platform and see about having them get your product or service to trend.

Ways to promote in a new social network:

  • Free: maintaining your own channel, posting music, how to's, or random fun videos.

  • Paid: banner ads, typical ads, and videos (like ads on Instagram or Twitter), hashtag challenges, branded masks, work with bloggers/influencers.

Effectiveness is measured in several ways:

  • views;

  • number of videos by hashtag (if we are talking about hashtag challenge);

  • transitions;

  • comments;

  • likes;

  • viewing depth.

Should your business go to TikTok?

If your content is aimed at a young and daring audience, sometimes crazy, then go ahead! Choose an attractive content format for them, but do not forget about the ease of perception. Tell a wider audience about yourself and reap the benefits. Yes, TikTok is still evolving, and its audience is not as diverse as most. Yet the viewership is still there and growing. Can the same be said about its similar partner Instagram? Would you rather advertise with an evolving company or a stagnant one?

How do you feel about TikTok?


Andrew Goldstein

Brand Strategist & Content Writer


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