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The importance of Data & Campaigns

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Where to start? This seems to be the most common hurdle when looking to kick off a successful data-driven campaign.

The Challenge

Where to start? This seems to be the most common hurdle when looking to kick off a successful data-driven campaign. Let's face it, if you've been in business over a year you most likely have a ton of data, and hence places you could start. Your friends may suggest starting on social media, your family may say to call around, while Gary V's Youtube channel may say grab my course and start there.

All of those suggestions may be correct in some way. Prior to just blindly following one of their suggestions consider this. Who would know best, and from where would collected data be most powerful. Yes! The answer is obvious now, isn't it? Your customers.

Social listening

Social Listening is the process of monitoring social media channels for mentions of your brand, competitors, product, and related trends. These days you must do more than pushing content, doing giveaways, or brainstorming your next TikTok. Social listening is a key element in the preparation of strategic digital campaign execution. To understand what your brand's position is in this medium, you must know how often you're mentioned, and in what manner. People write messages full of emotion for brands, like: "I love how easy this is to set up Soandso's blender" or "Eww XYZ's food is always cold".

Data Intelligence

In which light is your product/services centered? How can we take action, and implement change upon what we're hearing in a successful digital manner?

Data intelligence refers to the way in which all accessible analytical tools and methods (i.e. Social Listening) are utilized to form a better understanding of the information collected.

Once receiving this data we can better decide how to formulate an impactful digital strategy. We're able to develop a more concrete idea of how we can deliver justice to what the consumer is expecting from the brand.

1. Understand all that organic content that was coming out to see how we could make content more valuable, and all-around attractive to the consumer.

2. Discover how to enhance or extinguish those conversations that were already taking place digitally. Either encourage them to take place more or less.

With all this determined, you as the business owner can now decipher what strategic changes need to be made. You may realize what you're actually looking to do is gain greater reach, greater engagement, and a greater presence of the brand in the applicable medium. "

The Strategy

We investigated three main aspects:

  • What is the brand's mission this fiscal year?

  • Where is the environment/industry economically speaking?

  • What happens, how is the target audience behaving?

Shameless End Plug

With over 5 years of experience developing, implementing, and all-around executing data-driven campaigns our team would love to do the same for you. With a strong innovative approach, we set ourselves apart from the average and look to the formulation of blue oceans (new market space). Let us do for you what we've been enabled to do for small Mom & Pops to Fortune 500 companies.


Andrew Goldstein

Brand Strategist & Content Writer


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