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Make Your Brand Stand Out With Giphy

Updated: Jan 25

Giphy is a great way in for your brand as it lets you create unique, ownable sticker & GIF content that fans will use naturally. And, best part, it’s free!

What is Giphy?

Giphy is a database for GIFs that attracts over 65 millions users a month with the ability to access over 3 billion GIFs. You’ll see Giphy utilized on many social platforms, which means you make content in one place, and it’s shared across many.

Having your own stickers gives your marketing team a way create branded content on the fly. Any story can be accented with branded elements directly in the app. Giphy provides tools for brands to track impressions on each sticker. This helps you understand what content is most interesting to your audience and how often your stickers are being seen.

How To Get Started

To begin using Giphy, you must first create a brand account and have it approved. You'll need to upload five stickers or GIFs to get approval.

You should also make sure your Giphy channel is in sync with the rest of your social media. More information will almost certainly aid in the approval of your brand page. Giphy has no formal approval process, and the approval timeline is unknown because it is done manually.

While Giphy has no true algorithm, you should check to see if your GIFs are being used. Make sure your tags are as relevant as possible when posting a GIF. While you can make up to 20 tags per GIF, the sweet spot is around ten.

Your GIFs should be as imaginative as possible. The most popular GIFs are those with a lot of movement, and Story GIFs are the most popular.

GIFs Types


When you hear the term "GIF," you're probably picturing a quiet video loop. This is the most popular form since it is readily recognizable and, thus, understood, whether it is from a show, a movie, or a viral video.


Tickets GIFs can be found on Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Animated symbols, emojis, or images are used. At least 20% transparency is required for these GIFs.


GIFs that contain animated text are known as text GIFs. But don't dismiss this concept because it appears to be simple. Because good text GIFs will be used in Stories, make sure they're clipped out, stand alone, and don't require any context.

Giphy is on the cusp of becoming the world's most popular content platform. You'll find that it's a terrific way to market your brand without breaking the bank, thanks to its easy-to-use database and ongoing expansion.

Users will be advertising your business before you realize it, thanks to the utilization of your brand's original and entertaining GIFs.

You're now ready to start promoting your brand on Giphy!


Milton Warren.

Junior Copywriter


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